Tantrums & Tiaras - Tips for your visit

To assist you in your visit, we have compiled a few suggestions and hints to help you as a new bride get the best from your gown fitting

  • Book in advanced to ensure a free gown fitter and to avoid waiting times.

  • Before leaving home try to gather a pair of shoes of which have a heel height you are comfortable in. Consider wearing good undies, you will be undressing, so feel confident in what you have worn.

  • If you have an idea for your hairstyle on the day, it wouldn't hurt to quickly pop an updo in if that's how you might wear it on the day. We don't mean create  a master piece, just a little taster so you can see how the necklines sit.

  • Do leave home in plenty of time in order to not be late for your appointment, if you are running late do call the store and inform us. If you are unable to attend your appointment please do inform the store. Appointment times are very precious, and we are often have bookings, especially on Saturdays.

  • Consider bringing only a couple of close honest, but, constructive friends or family members to help you with your decision. 

  • Due to the delicate nature of our gowns we can not permit pushchairs/prams in our showroom. 

  • We apologise in advance that no photos can be taken whilst trying on the gowns unless an order has been placed. Our designers are very proud and protective of their splendid collections and therefore impose copy write on all designs.

Purchasing on line

Our collections can only be purchased in store, as after many years of experience we have found that Brides prefer to have a personal rapport with our staff under our professional care and attention.

A well respected Bridal House will take all the worry out of your gown purchase, leaving you to enjoy the experience of purchasing your dream gown. We have been exceeding brides gown expectations for nearly 10 years, this is what we do best, let us guide you through this fabulous time of finding your perfect gown.
Bridal stores work for years to build the respect of designers and clients in order to offer the best collections at the best possible price.

Purchasing online offers you very limited control over the gown you have ordered, in many cases these cheap imitation gowns can be faulty, wrong size, wrong colour, cheap unfinished fabrics, not as described, received too late, damaged and more often then not, they will be fake. 

The website www.bridesaware.co.uk has stories of brides who had hoped to save a few pounds and found the real hard truth of online ordering.
Bridal houses offer you the chance to be treated like a true bride, your wedding day is one of the most important days in your life, you should embrace this opportunity.